Nurturing Finance


Eric Yard


About Eric Yard

Eric Yard is a passionate advocate for literacy. He is a Certified Financial Education Instructor℠. Commits to spreading financial knowledge. You may recognize him as the host of the podcast “Raising Financial Freedom,” where he helps parents empower their children by teaching them financial skills.

Eric’s dedication to financial literacy is deeply rooted in his background as an Air Force veteran. He carries the values of discipline and responsibility from his service into his advocacy work. As a CFEI®, he brings knowledge and expertise to his role, going above and beyond approaches. Eric firmly believes that instilling literacy in children from an age is crucial. Through his podcast, he provides practical financial advice. He emphasizes the importance of parents actively fostering their children’s financial awareness.

Throughout his journey, Eric has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to promoting education. His experience as an Air Force veteran exemplifies his dedication to a cause, seamlessly transitioning into his advocacy for empowering individuals with the knowledge and skills for financial success.

Eric Yard is highly regarded in the field of literacy due to his attitude and genuine enthusiasm for his work. He can leave a lasting impression on those interacting with his teachings and insights.

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